Drew Johnson is an award-winning filmmaker and actor based out of Columbus, OH. A native of Iowa, he graduated from Denison University in 2014 with B.A. in Spanish, Communication and a minor in studio art. After acting in Bachelorette his senior year, Johnson fully realized his aspirations in film and television acting. With plans to teach English in Spain the following fall, Drew spent time acting and producing in Los Angeles working on such major studio lots as Universal, Fox, and a plethora of other production companies. After a busy four months in LA and a transformative year in Spain, Drew took to a secluded cabin in Minnesota to marinate on his aspirations, it was there that he made the decision to start producing and directing with his Denison colleagues at the newly formed Loose Films.

As a filmmaker, Drew has worked on many projects, most recently, co-writing and directing Among Other Things (2018) which has screened at film festivals internationally and been selected as Audience Choice at Ohio Shorts and The Film Festival of Columbus, and Best Drama at the Miami Independent Film Festival. The music documentary he produced, Down and Dirty (2017) has received recognition from the Hamilton Music and Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, the Columbus Animation & Film Festival and the Inside the Loop Film Festival.  The film also received the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at the UNO Film Festival in New Orleans.

His passion for filmmaking stems from his curious nature that pushes him to explore new landscapes and the stories that fill those areas. Drew excels at creating meaningful and well-executed films from concept to completion. See some of his work below:

Among Other Things: Short Film - Co-Writer/Director, Actor

AOT Laurels.png

Bound: Short Film - Writer, Actor